Build an Arcade Style DDR Pad

1 - materials and tools
2 - solid panels
3 - ddr  pad base
4 - acrylic panes
5 - supports and switches
6 - wiring the ddr pad
7 - finished ddr pad

Video DDR Pad Build Instruction Torrents:

  1. Chapter1
  2. Chapter2
  3. Chapter3
  4. Chapter4
  5. Chapter5

FileFront has copies of these videos for download in case the torrents aren't being seeded.

What is this?
A set of DIY instructions for building a Dance Dance Revolution Pad that comes as close to an arcade equivalent as you will probably find.
If you download the videos, also follow the DDR Pad building directions on this site! There are updates made to this site which are not described in the videos.  I do not have the time to update the videos with the current ddr pad building instructions.  If you do, I am willing to point my links to your videos instead.
Yes, there is a new site design.  I have removed the picture scoring/comment system, but I do want comments/questions.  I will update picture descriptions myself as they need to be if there are problems understanding.

I have changed the description of the switch setup under supports and switches because it seems like many were having trouble understanding it. Take a look and send me a line if  you think anything could be clarified.

Before you ask questions, you should check out the FAQ written by Shadow_Dragonz.  If you have any questions about the metal ddr pad, please ask me or post them at DDR Freak's forums (browse to the Bemani Controllers forum and visit the ).

I have modified the original design to use mending brackets as the contacts instead of screws since they have more surface area. There will be two per side of each arrow.  On each side, one will be connected to ground and one to that arrow wire. Washers are used to elevate the mending brackets as high as needed. No solder is needed, stick the wires between the washers and the mending bracket as you tighten them down.

This image under Supports and Switches describes this design
Also consider using the switch design described on Matrix Arcade Style DDR Homepad

A modification/add-on you might make to the ddr pad design is to build a TerTerBox. It is a control box which also houses the  controller. Keep in mind that if you build this controller box, you should disregard the sections of my instructions where I place the soldered controller into the ddr pad and the sections where I place the Radio Shack push buttons on the top edge of my ddr pad.

Please feel free to view/comment on any step/photo here.
If you would like to suggest something or comment on my metal ddr pad design, please email me at
The design for building the arcade style metal DDR pad shown on these pages is the result of the work and ideas of Marcus Wu after building, learning, and attaining inspiration from the work of DDRHomepad and his design.

These web pages describe Marcus Wu's design plans for building an arcade style Dance Dance Revolution game controller. The previously mentioned design plans and arcade style Dance Dance Revolution game controller will be refered to as "ddr design" and "ddr pad" respectively. Those who decide to build the ddr design, whether using this site or the instructional videos based on the ddr design, may not be able to duplicate my results and/or may injure themselves while building and/or using the ddr pad. Marcus Wu does not hold responsibility for anyone's ability to create the ddr pad, duplicate his results, and/or any injuries that may occur while building and/or using the DDR pad.
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