RipTide's Bulletin Boards
      Greetings. This page is dedicated to the various projects that my brother and I are working on.

Another one of my projects is adding lighting to DDRHomepad's home built metal DDR pad designs. When I have completed the lighting, I am going to post full directions on how to add these lights to your own copy of DDRHP's pads. I will post progress on that effort as I learn more.
If you have any questions/comments/suggestions about home pad
design you can ask them in these forums:

DDRFreak forums(use the home metal pad thead in the DDR at Home forum).
Wubros projects
gLuV A PHP web based Quake3 server monitor
DDR pad (RipTide's design) This is my new pad design.
For the most part, it's easier to build.
It is designed to be easier to maintain.
Lights can easily be added to the design.
A light mod tutorial will be up shortly.
DDR pad (DDRHP's design) A Dance Dance Revolution hard pad designed by DDRHP
This is the first hard pad I built for DDR.
This pad got me thinking about my new design.